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Creates a full page navigation used.

Versions: 9

makepagenav( int $rowstart, int $count, int $total [, int $range, string $link, string $getname, bool $button ] ) : mixed


$rowstart (int) (Required) The number of the first listed item.

$count (int) (Required) The number of entries displayed on one page.

$total (int) (Required) The total entries which should be displayed.

$range (int) (Optional) The number of page buttons displayed and the range of them. Default value: 3

$link (string) (Optional) The base url before the appended part. Default value: ''

$getname (string) (Optional) The name of the $_GET parameter that contains the start number. Default value: rowstart

$button (bool) (Optional) Displays as button. Default value: false

Return Values

(string|bool) HTML navigation. False if $count is invalid.


$limit = 15;
$total_rows = dbcount("(download_id)", DB_DOWNLOADS);
$rowstart = isset($_GET['rowstart']) && isnum($_GET['rowstart']) && ($_GET['rowstart'] <= $total_rows) ? $_GET['rowstart'] : 0;
$result = dbquery("SELECT *
ORDER BY download_datestamp DESC LIMIT $rowstart, $limit
echo makepagenav($rowstart, $limit, $total_rows);
<nav><small class='m-r-10'><span>Page </span> 1 of 2</small> <div class='btn-group'>
<a class='btn btn-sm btn-default active' href='page.php?rowstart=0'><strong>1</strong></a>
<a class='btn btn-sm btn-default' data-value='15' href='page.php?rowstart=15'>2</a>