PHP-Fusion Development


User profile link.

Versions: 9

profile_link( int $user_id, string $user_name, int $user_status [, string $class, bool $display_link ] ) : string


$user_id (int) (Required)

$user_name (string) (Required)

$user_status (int) (Required)

$class (string) (Optional) CSS class for the profile link. Default value: profile-link

$display_link (bool) (Optional) Allow clicking on the name, otherwise display only the name. Default value: true

Return Values

(string) Link to the user's account along with the user name correctly depending on the user's status.


$userdata = fusion_get_userdata();
echo profile_link($userdata['user_id'], $userdata['user_name'], $userdata['user_status']);
// <a href='profile.php?lookup=1' class='profile-link'>admin</a>