Show user avatar.

Versions: 9

display_avatar( array $userdata, string $size [, string $class, bool $link, string $img_class, string $custom_avatar ] ) : string


$userdata (array) (Required) User data with user_id, user_name , user_avatar, user_status

$size (string) (Required) A size for CSS max-width and max-height.

$class (string) (Optional) CSS class for <a> tag. Default value: ''

$link (bool) (Optional) Wrap image with <a> tag. Default value: true

$img_class (string) (Optional) CSS class for <img> tag. Default value: ''

$custom_avatar (string) (Optional) The path to own default avatar. Default value: ''

Return Values



$userdata = fusion_get_userdata();
echo display_avatar($userdata, '40px');

This function can be overridden in your theme.