Creates tabs.

Versions: 9

opentab( array $tab_title, string $link_active_arrkey, string $id [, bool $link, string $class, string $getname, array $cleanup_GET, bool $remember ] ) : string


$tab_title (array) (Required) Multidimension array consisting of keys title, id, icon.

$link_active_arrkey (string) (Required) tab_active() function or the $_GET request to match the $tab_title['id'].

$id (string) (Required) Unique ID.

$link (bool) (Optional) False for jquery, true for php (will reload page). Default value: false

$class (string) (Optional) CSS class for the nav. Default value: ''

$getname (string) (Optional) Set getname and turn tabs into the link that listens to getname. Default value: section

$cleanup_GET (array) (Optional) The request key that needs to be deleted. Default value: []

$remember (bool) (Optional) Set to true to automatically remember tab using cookie. Default value: false

Return Values



$tab_title['title'][] = 'Tab 1';
$tab_title['id'][] = 'tab1';
$tab_title['icon'][] = 'fa fa-cog';
$tab_title['title'][] = 'Tab 2';
$tab_title['id'][] = 'tab2';
$tab_title['icon'][] = 'fa fa-folder';
$tab_active = tab_active($tab_title, 0);
echo opentab($tab_title, $tab_active, 'testtab');
echo opentabbody($tab_title['title'][0], 'tab1', $tab_active);
echo 'Tab 1 content goes here';
echo closetabbody();
echo opentabbody($tab_title['title'][1], 'tab2', $tab_active);
echo 'Tab 2 content goes here';
echo closetabbody();
echo closetab();

This function can be overridden in your theme.